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Jack Herer Vape Kit

We can’t talk about Jack Herer THC vape without talking about it’s namesake. For those new to the history of cannabis, Jack Herer was a

Our Story

Disposavape came about due to our recognizing plenty of people love the convenience and portability of the Juul vaporizer but did not want to smoke

Skywalker OG weed vape Starter Kit

Skywalker OG Vape Kit

SKYWALKER OG STRAIN If you would like to be taken to a galaxy far, far off this indica dominant (85 percent indica, 15 percent sativa)


Purple Punch Vape Kit

ABOUT PURPLE PUNCH Breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch was born smelling of blueberry muffins, grape candy, and tart Kool-Aid. The potency of


Disposavape Juul Pod – Grapefruit

GRAPEFRUIT VAPE STRAIN The Grapefruit cannabis strain is known for its energizing effects and tropical, citrusy odor. This potent sativa was developed by crossing BC